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grek is the name form of the cmar: kneg (grey). It is the name that represents the society that I envision.

This site, at first at least, is primarily devoted to a presentation of laxhwgrek (language that of grek ml).

IMPORTANT NOTE: this is a work in progress. Things change and forget to be changed. So it can be a little messy at times.


Shawn Savoie

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


the above script may change. Also, direction of writing will be from right to left and top to bottom.


Since front is the side facing away, I'm thinkin' a cool thing would be to have the beginning of books be the side... facing away. Picture reading a book backwards with the text right to left... I think that's pretty cool. It fits a paradigm... for an order and makes my culture and language more unique.


"front" is facing away relative to first, second or third person. A book has an inherent front. I'm thinkin' the way English books are now should be fine. The pages increase to the left. So that's inline... The one thing I might do would be to write from the right right across the crease and then go down to the next line... Not sure though.


The pages accumulate to the left when reading. But the actual page number increases to the right. So, I think backwards would be more inline. I'm annoying, I know. lol. A book will be read front to back and right to left. The text will be right to left and then top to bottom.


The revised script:

This is the symbol that represents grek and its culture. It is a modification of the symbol that represents cause then effect then cost and benefit analysis reasoning that can lead to extreme violence or unviolence. The unique modification is to distinguish grek from other societies that may have the same primary belief, and so may use the same basic symbol, but have a completely or slightly different culture. Other societies with the same primary belief may also desire the violence state more than the unviolence state.

The square represents cause then effect then cost and benefit analysis reasoning.

The angled end represents violence.

The curved end represents unviolence.

The curved end within another curved end represents the desired state. 

While in one of the two states, which comes from CTETCABAR, CTETCABAR is still there acting as the voice of reason to keep one from going too far.  

The unviolence state is desired since it's much more likely that one in this state will live. So, can enjoy more pleasures. But if deemed necessary the violence state can be chosen and applied with just as much intensity as the unviolence state. The violence state is the ferocious state.    

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